Customs Clearance

The new Australian Customs "Trade Modernization Legislation", coupled with the introduction of CMR, and increased post entry audits, the GST, and strict liability penalties make it important that you choose a professional team. Our expertise ensures that you are supported by the latest electronic initiatives, Our dedicated team will clear your cargo through all of the customs and quarantine procedures with minimum delay, into any port in Australia, ensuring prompt and trouble free customs clearance.

In addition to electronic entry of cargo we also offer:

•  Landed Costing
•  Cartage FCL and LCLexport-import-img
•  Consultancy
•  Tariff Advice Services
•  Valuations•  Duty Refunds
•  Inspect Attendance
•  Projects
•  Dumping formalities
•  Tariff Concession Services
•  Drawbacks
•  Remissions